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Bakery Story Hack – Cheats for Free Gold and Gems

Hey there and welcome to our very sought for Bakery Story hack! We know how much you have been missing a good, working cheat tool to help you hack Bakery Story and now it is here for you! No more needless waiting around and begging for gold! With our Bakery Story cheat you can forget about all that and focus on what really matters: making your Bakery the best one in town.

And, since our GamingSphere’s hackers are so good, you can use this Bakery Story hack for both iOS and Android versions of the game. That is correct! Unlike many other Bakery Story cheat tools that are actually just modded version of the game and work exclusively on Android devices this tool works on both!

That is because unlike the modded version all hacking with our Bakery Story hack is done online and you can do it right of your mobile device!


So what is Bakery Story?

As the name implies, this is the game for those who want to experience being a professional baker! You get to run your restaurant. You must improve, manage, maintain and eventually, even, expand your bakery!

The game is made quite well and you will get to step into the shoes of a master baker that makes some of the most delicious virtual cakes and cookies.

And if you are still wondering just what you’re getting into here is a small recap of everything you can do in a game:

  • Design awesome bakery that suits your tastes. You can get as creative as you want!
  • Choose a top-class menu that no one can resist!
  • Expand your bakery and become known throughout Bakery Story world!
  • Connect with your Facebook friends and exchange recipes with them!
  • Showcase your perfect bakery and get rewarded!

Now, doesn’t that sound like so much fun?


Why you should hack Bakery Story?

As with every “free to play” game this one suffers from one large drawback: you can never get enough resources.

Even though you can get free gold by completing various tasks and quests you are never rewarded with games premium currency – Gems. And if you don’t know exactly what the premium currency is, let us explain:

As soon as microtransactions became a standard in the gaming industry the developers found it is the best way to provide some revenue for themselves. Every game contains at least one currency that can only be obtained by paying a small amount of real money. And, they force your hand by making items that can only be purchased with that currency.

But, with our Bakery Story hack that all is about to change!

Now, you can enjoy the game without having to spend a dime! Our Bakery Story hack is completely free and will provide you countless hours of unobstructed fun!


And what can you get with Bakery Story hack?

Well to put it simple: with our Bakery Story  cheat you will get for free the games premium currency : GEMS! You can choose as much as you want as it has never been easier to just go back to our site and run our tool all over again!

And with all those gems you can do something amazing! You can redecorate your bakery with the best equipment and décor!


proof-that-bakery story hack really works


Also, you can speed up time! If you ever played the game you know just how annoying waiting around for cookies to bake can be! But now, you can use gems freely and make each batch right on time! And you know who makes the happiest customer: the one that does not wait long!

Of course, GamingSphere wouldn’t be GamingSphere if we stopped just with Gems. No, we decided to do much more!

Now, with our Bakery Story hack you can get yourself some extra GOLD! With our Bakery Story cheat tool for gold you will never have to worry about missing anything! No more converting gems to get to gold! It’s all yours packed in one small but powerful hacking tool!


How to use Bakery Story hack?

One last step is between you and unlimited gold and gems from our Bakery Story hack tool! All you have to do is watch the short video below and follow the steps shown in it! Good luck!

Thank you for using our Bakery Story hack tool! Make sure to check our GamingSphere website for more awesome hacks!


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