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King of Avalon Cheats – How to Hack Free Gold in a few moments

Hey guys, guess what, King of Avalon hack has just arrived on the menu! We noticed a high demand for a King of Avalon hack tool, so we decided to make one for both iOS and Android. It is fast, secure, easy to use, and it will provide you with everything you need in order to rule the kingdom of Avalon.

We worked hard on making this gold cheat tool available as soon as possible, and we really hope you will find it useful, because that’s all that really matters in the end. Becoming the king is not a trivial task, and we’re here to help you achieve just that.


What is King of Avalon?

Have you ever felt like you were born at the wrong place at the wrong time? Have you ever dreamt of being a chivalrous warrior, riding a horse with a sword in hand, fighting for glory? Or even better, a king rulling his kingdom? Well, you are lucky, since King of Avalon is all about that!

You will battle enemies all across the globe, make friends and allies, build powerfull army. To hell, you will even raise dragons! And all that in hope to lift the famous sword known as Excalibur and rule the Avalon!

Being one of the most popular online multiplayer strategic war games, game features a lot of tactical aspects and concepts borrowed from well-known strategy genre, with your favorite mystical creatures on top of that – mighty dragons, weapons of mass destruction!


How can you benefit from our King of Avalon free gold hack?

In the commencing stages of the game, you will have to upgrade buildings, train troops, research new technologies and similar things with potential to make your army stronger. However, after level 13, you will have to start procuring resources to do all this.

Some of the buildings that require resource in order to be built are sawmills for producing wood, barracks for training infantry troops, alchemist’s corners for exchanging items, auction houses for trading and black markets which are similar to auction houses, except you won’t know the highest bid for an item. And all these require resources (or gold for buying those resources).

Resources are gathered by logging in to the game every couple for hours and sending your soldiers to do that for you. Other options are killing monsters and joining rallies. On certain occasions, seasonal activities will be available, which will let you maximize your resources.

However, if you want to speed things up, you can go the hard way and start spending money on in-game purchases. Resources can be purchased from the Gold Store.

What you get with King of Avalon cheats?

We hope that, so far, you are aware of how important the gold is in this game and how much of it you will need.

Gold is the premium game currency, as it is in real life. It helps you get better more quickly, as it allows you to build structures instantly, for example. So yeah, you will want as much of it as possible. You can also buy XP or resources directly, but it will take some time.

King of Avalon Hack proof

Also, there are various booster packs in the game that will benefit you one way or another and they are also availbale if you have some gold to spare (or, again, real money).

And that is where our King of Avalon gold cheat comes into play. With it, you can hack free gold as much as you want and boost your progress to the throne of Avalon! Our unlimited gold cheat will resolve all your problems and let you enjoy the game as you are supposed to.


How to use our King of Avalon hack?

Only thing that’s left to be done is to watch our step by step video guide on how to use our King of Avalon free gold hack. It is short and easy to follow, so go on and take a look. You will benefit from it for sure.

Thank you for using our King of Avalon hack tool! Follow us for even more hacks for your favorite mobile games for both iOS and Android!

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