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Summoners War Hack – Get Free Crystals using our Cheats

Welcome to our very popular Summoners War hack! If you ever wondered how you can get even more crystals to help you on your way of becoming the best there is, well, wonder no more, because GamingSphere has got you covered!

Our amazing Summoners War cheat will help you rise above everyone else and help you get free, unlimited crystals to buy summons, exchange for energy and much more!

And unlike many other mod apk out there our Summoners War game hack works for both Android and iOS users. So no matter what your preferred  platform is you can  use our cheat tool to hack Summoners War and get unlimited crystals for your game!


What is Summoners War?

Summoners War is a 3D mobile RPG set in a fictional world where many monsters roam  and you, as a group of elite humans known as Summoners use those monsters for battle each other. Sometimes in sanctioned matches in the arena and sometimes to take over control and power from other players.

The main quest in the game is to obtain as many monsters as possible and grow them in order to compete against other players. That can be achieved by either completing various missions, playing PvE (player vs environment) or playing other players.

Game is fun to explore and going from a 1 – star monster to those rare 6 – star monsters is a path you will most certainly want to take!



So why use Summoners War hack?


As with any other game in this genre the goal of the developer is to hook you up and leave you wanting more. That is no different with this addition!

Even though in the beginning you will get rewarded with crystals for playing daily, getting achievements, leveling up, completing world bus events and first clears that won’t last very long. As you progress in the game those awards will become rare and in the end you will be left with two options: either buy it or risk falling behind with all other players that decide to spend real money on the game.

But, that will no longer be a problem! With our Summoners War cheat you won’t have to worry about falling behind just because you refuse to spend money on a game. With Summoners War hack you will have the opportunity to show all your skillset because that will be the only thing that matters.

And of course, as you can use our Summoners War hack multiple times you can get unlimited crystals and never have to worry about missing any feature this game has to offer!


What you get from using Summoners War cheat?


Well, of course, you get Summoners War premium currency – crystals. Those crystals can be used for various things game has to offer. The main thing, of course, buying monsters and upgrading them.

We will break down for you some of the best ways to exchange crystals and make this game even more awesome to play!


  • Mana:

Perhaps the best way to exchange crystals is for mana. Mana is useful for buying and building items in the magic shop, powering up your monsters and unlocking all scrolls (yes, even a light and darkness scrolls)

  • Energy:
    You can also use crystals you got from our Summoners War hack tool to get energy. You can’t complete any task without it. So it’s important you always have some in storage if you want to always be able to pay the game. And, the best part about exchanging crystals for energy is that unless you are completely full you can get more than 75 energy. Unfortunately, if you are full you cannot exchange it at all!
  • Arena Invitations
    Lastly, you can exchange your crystals for Arena Invitations. Basically, they are your energy points for PvP. But, unlike exchanging it for Energy cap for arena invitations is 10 and it will never go over it. So we strongly suggest you always use up all your invitations before recharging.


How to use Summoners War hack?


Simply follow instruction in the video below and you will hack Summoners War without running into any problems!



Thank you for using our Summoners War hack and stay tuned for many more awesome game hacks here on GamingSphere!

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